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  • Hitachi Energy RoadPak
  • ABB 전력용 반도체
  • Danothem
  • EBG
  • Precise Current & Voltage Sensors (Old ABB Sensors) Petercem Sensors
  • Film Capacitors ICEL : Polyester film capacitors, Polypropylene film capacitors, Power capacitors, AC/motor run capacitors
  • APICapacitors, ICAR Capacitors : DC(DC Link) Capacitors / AC(AC Filter) Capacitors / Snubber Capacitors Energy Storage Capacitors / Track Circuit Capacitors
  • PLEXIM-PLECS(전력전자 시뮬레이션 소프트웨어)
  • PLECS RT Box
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL), Typhoon HIL
  • imperix B-box RCP
  • ELECTROLYTIC CONDENSER(Mil-Spec), Exxelia Sic Safco
  • Rgowski Coil, Current Measurement, PEM
  • Water cooler heat sink (water-cooled heat sink & special heat sink)
  • Electromagnetic measurement solutions Kapteos
  • We supply not only semiconductors, sensors, capacitors for high speed train, subway, magrev but also provide best solution for railway application
  • We supply semiconductors, sensors, capacitors, pulsed power switch products to the business area for Power plant, Statcom project, Welding project, industrial Inverter&Converter, Rectifier, K-star, MPC
  • Our semiconductors, sensors, capacitors,ABB low voltage products, fuses are supplied to the alternative energy application as like solar inverter, windmill, fuel cell, tidal power generation, nuclear power generation, thermal power plant, hydroelectric po

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